Prospective Students

Contact Information

Associate Dean Office: ED 4123

Faculty Office: ED 2331

Research Office: ED 2230

Phone: (805) 893-3441


Dear Prospective Students,

This is such an exciting time - planning to attend graduate school is a significant life decision. I hope you will take time to look over all the information provided by the GGSE to understand the application process. Unfortunately we cannot meet or speak with prospective students. As I realize the process can be confusing and stressful here I share some tidbits that may not be otherwise available.  In addition, this website is designed to give you some access to what it might be like to work with me and my team (although I find it quite embarrassing, the video might help).

I am excited to be accepting students again this coming year. It is important to note that although we are a combined program, we faculty do select advisees that share their program emphasis (i.e., counseling, clinical, or school psychology). Whereas the training is cross-emphasis and faculty members often collaborate across emphases, our mentorship is usually emphasis-specific. In particular, I am interested in working with the next generation of school psychologists, whose overall training and perspectives differs significantly from counseling and clinical psychologists.

I am particularly interested to work with graduate students who share my interests in understanding how schools can engage at-risk students. My goal is to inspire students to initiate innovative ways to understand and work to improve how schools and other systems can work with youth. 

Each faculty in our group usually accepts one (or maybe two) new students each year, depending on who we find in the applicant pool who might be a good fit with our small, mentor-based research groups. We are looking for inquisitive, confident, appreciative scholars who will capitalize on our mentorship and thrive in a collaborative community.  

Many of my research projects are in collaboration with my colleagues. I encourage all applicants to review the faculty research interests in their emphasis of interest. When completing the application documents, mark shared interests with more than one possible advisor when applicable.

Once you have applied to CCSP we will carefully review your applications. At that time we will invite selected applicants for a visit, interview, and opportunity to interact with faculty members. I look forward to this process every year and meeting the next generation of CCSP scholars.

Good luck in your application.


Jill Sharkey